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BitCAD IntelliCAD for Windows

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  • Version: 6.4

CAD editing and design environment

BITC is a powerful CAD environment which allows you to read DWG files and saves you thousands of dollars.

It comes with all the general tools that you expect from a CAD environment including options to change views, draw geometric shapes plus it has some limited advanced features such as a command line, ADS options to upload and manipulate documents and functions to create and upload macros. Even though this a much cheaper CAD environment than you'd normally pay for such a package, it has a high degree of compatibility with the major programs such as Autocad, AutoLISP, ADS, and DCL routines. However, the big advantage is that it has been specifically designed for use with Windows which means that it integrates much better than most CAD applications. This means it incorporates several unique functions such as the possibility to open multiple drawings at the same time, and of displaying and editing raster images. However, its limited functionality in terms of advanced design options mean that it's probably best used in conjunction with Autocad or another major program

BITC is a comprehensive CAD environment with everything you need to edit and modify basic DWG files.

BitCAD IntelliCAD is the product of the experience of the human team at Bricsnet in the development, marketing, customer support and CAD software training in the Spanish market over several years.

Our technical team develops BitCAD IntelliCAD to meet the software needs of the AEC global market update it along the line of our end-users’ suggestions.


  • Much cheaper than professional CAD apps


  • Limited advanced functionality

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BitCAD IntelliCAD


BitCAD IntelliCAD 6.4 for Windows

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